Guess who’s coming to Mindcamp for 50%? You might too!

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Disappointed it wasn’t you? No worries

If you were one of our first 50 registrants and your name wasn’t picked, you still have a chance for riches, fame, and glory. The 49 names that weren’t picked stay in for another draw!

Once we have our second 50 registrants, we’ll draw again, for…

50% of the value of a standard shared accommodation!

This time the odds will be a little less: 1 in 99 — the first 50 registrants minus the winner (see the video) plus the second 50 registrants (in other words, your odds are slightly better than 1%).

Make sure you qualify. As soon as we have our second 50 registrants, we’ll draw again.

So register now by clicking here (you can register with just a 25% deposit).

We can’t wait to see you!

Your slightly loonie Mindcamp Canada Faeries

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