Heads Up: Eight Singles Left

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This is a special alert for blog followers only: As of this writing, there are eight (8) single rooms remaining for Mindcamp 2018, 22–26 August. If you want one, grab it now before it’s gone. There ain’t no more (single rooms, that is. There will still be shared rooms).

Your Reminder and a Half

Tim Hurson Random

You could win yourself a $500 value. One MIndcamper already has! Get in on the draw before it’s too late.

Guess who’s coming to Mindcamp for 50%? You might too!

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Disappointed it wasn’t you? No worries If you were one of our first 50 registrants and your name wasn’t picked, you still have a chance for riches, fame, and glory. The 49 names that weren’t picked stay in for another draw! Once we have our second 50 registrants, we’ll draw again, for… 50% of the value of a standard shared accommodation! This …

Are We Crazy ?!?!

Tim Hurson Mindcamp 2018

We want you to come to Mindcamp, and we want you to save money. So we’re doing a repeat (with a few refinements) of the approach we took last year. If you register early you have a chance of winning a 50% discount.

Missing Mindcamp? Try this!

Tim Hurson Random

Mindcamp Chile is coming up — Jan 4-7 2018. I’ll be there. You? See who else is coming at Mindcamp Chile. Beautiful!