We Have Winners!

Tim Hurson Random 1 Comment

Hi Blog Viewers, We have our winners! The First name drawn won a 33% discount to Mindcamp. The Second name won a 66% discount. And the third name won a full 100% discount (that’s the same as free)! You can see who our winners are in the short video below. Even if you didn’t enter, it’s worth a look. We …

Three more days. Three more spots.

Tim Hurson Random 1 Comment

It’s the Third Third for our Free Ride to Mindcamp blottery. And the numbers are aligning: three more days till the blottery closes; three spots remaining to fill. On April 1, we’ll be drawing three names from our hat. First name gets a 33.3 percent discount to Mindcamp this summer. Second name gets a 66.6 percent discount. Third name gets …

The Second Third

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Hi blog subscribers, We’re in the second third. There are only 20 opportunities remaining to win a free ride to Mindcamp 2017 (see our previous post, The I’ds of March, for full details). Your advantage as a blog subscriber is only good till end-of-day Sunday. After that, we open up the opportunity to the full Mindcamp mailing list. If ratios …

The Da Vinci of Detroit

Mindcamp Rodrigo Random 2 Comments

We haven’t posted one of Jim Ridge’s videos in a while! Just in case you aren’t already subscribed to his YouTube account, check out his latest offering: The Da Vinci of Detroit. As usual, Jim makes some really interesting points while taking us through a stimulating environment in a playful manner. Check it out!

Holy Macaroni!

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Holy Macaroni! Blog subscribers are slurping up registrations like they were comfort food in a snow storm! Registrations are going much faster than we anticipated (seems to be a lot of mojo in that Third Third business). So if you want to be one of the 50 Blottery qualifiers, you better get the fork moving! Click here to register now.