A Taste of Mindcamp (on Coaching)

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Transformative coaching is an exploratory process built around asking powerful questions that ignite new ways of thinking, inspire action, and hold you accountable for your decisions, actions, and results.

A Taste of Mindcamp (On Privilege)

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Creativity is what happens when you connect the disconnected. That applies to people as well as ideas. Creative teams are better when diverse perspectives pull and push on what’s possible.

You expect me to eat all this!

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So far, we’ve selected over 40 amazing programs for Mindcamp 1017. Check ’em out by going to the SESSIONS tab at the top of this page. They add up to over 100 hours of programs, with more to come. So you’ll have to pace yourself. But while programming is growing, space is dwindling. With 77 days to go before Mindcamp, …

Shh! For Your Eyes Only!

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We’ve selected the first 29 sessions for Mindcamp 1017. And they’re awesome. But don’t tell anyone. They may register before you do (and that could be a problem because we have more limited space than usual this year). You can check out the first 29 sessions by going to the SESSIONS tab at the top of this page. And while …

“And Who Are You?” — Jeanne Chatigny, 1928-2017

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Jeanne Chatigny, much-loved friend, mentor, and muse, died on April 11. Since her first conference nearly 40 years ago, Jeanne became a familiar face at CPSI, CREA, Florida Creativity, and Mindcamp, presenting well-loved (and much-repeated) programs such as Maiden, Matron, Crone; Four Ways to Communicate; and The Art of Deferring Judgment. Her leadership style was strictly “lead from behind”: set …