Does Mindcamp Work?


Tom Beakbane led a session this year called Lights, Camera… dedicated to creating a short video on the subject of learning creativity. The video below, “Does Mindcamp Work?”, is the result, now posted on YouTube. Thank you, Tom and the whole team of Mindcampers who made this happen! httpvh://

Bombin’ Innovation

Mindcamp Random

Sid Marquez, leader of Bombin’ at Mindcamp, created what may well be the first graffiti works in Canada on plastic! He painted on sheets of plastic stretched between stable upright supports (trees, in this case). This is a relatively new thing in his home country (France) and seems unheard of, up till now, here in Canada. But there was another …

My Shiny New Blog

Mindcamp Random

by John Sedgwick So, what is your Mindcamp take-away this year? It’s all very well and good that you leave the Mindcamp experience with that warm fuzzy feeling of friendship and you report that you are full of new ideas, but what are you really going to do that is different. What are you changing as a direct result of …

Through Sandra’s Eyes

Mindcamp Random

Mindcamper Sandra H. took some very thoughtful and beautiful images of Mindcamp. Her full album can be viewed on Picasa here, but here are some samples. Thank you Sandra!

View from the Lawn

Mindcamp Random

by Janine Gliener Much creative discussion and music-making! Taken on Friday afternoon at Mindcamp.