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Mindcamp 2017 starts Wednesday afternoon August 23, 2017 and ends Sunday afternoon August 27, 2017.

Pre-Mindcamp for Presenters starts with a Presenters’ Lunch, 1PM Wednesday, August 23, 2017.

Mindcamp takes place at YMCA Geneva Park near Orillia, Ontario. Check the bottom of this page for a map.
Mindcamp, Box 6156, 2100 Bloor St. W., Toronto ON M6S 5A5
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Website Updates

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You don’t. We hate phone calls.
We offer a limited number of Internships at Mindcamp — that is, creativity students or professionals who wish to volunteer their services. They are called Bananas and they work damn hard. We have all the volunteers we need for 2017, but if you want to volunteer for 2018, write us an email.


Registration usually opens in February. Use the registration link that is prominent in the menus of this site. If for some reason that doesn’t work for you, contact us.
If you cancel by August 1, we return your fees, less a $50 administration fee (which goes to the Bursary Fund). There is no refund after August 1.
Check out this page for some convincing arguments.
Please do! They are welcome.
Mindcamp is designed as an immersion experience with a specific community of people who are together for 5 days. So we’d prefer you didn’t come for only part of the time. We can’t stop you from leaving early or from coming late, but we won’t reduce the fee.

Getting Here / Transportation

Practice! OK, seriously, there’s a whole lot of information about this on this page: Getting Here.
Plan to arrive before 5:00pm on the first day.
If you’re coming from out of town, you might want to stick around in Toronto and see a few sights. Here are a few good hotels you might like to know about. All are centrally located and on the subway line unless otherwise indicated.

You want cheaper?, will connect you with Toronto folks who rent to travellers. Plus of course Toronto has all the chains, e.g. Best Western, Comfort Inn, etc. Just google it, you’ll find plenty.

Americans and most Europeans can enter Canada without a visa, but they do need to get an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) if they are flying in. This is fast and cheap but do it. Other countries need a visa. To find out which you need, check here:

When applying for a travel document or entering the country, they will want to know that address where you will be in Canada. It is: YMCA Geneva Park Conference Centre, RR#6, 6604 Rama Road, Orillia, ON L3V 6H6.

Toronto is a wonderful city where you will have good friends once you attend Mindcamp! You don’t need a car to get around Toronto as public transport, cabs, and bike rentals can do the job for you. Below are a few things to see in Toronto, all within walking/biking/subway distance from downtown. There’s more, but your new friends will fill you in.

Ontario is a marvellous place, filled with wild and beautiful corners that are easy to get to and you have almost to yourself! Unfortunately most of them require you to rent a car, or bring your own. However, here is a short list:

  • Chippewas of Rama First Nation’s Powwow is concurrent with Mindcamp but just down the road by car, so a quick trip to enjoy the dancing, music, food, and crafts is definitely do-able
  • McMichael Canadian Art Collection, a beautiful gallery set in a forest park that shows off our best Canadian art (day trip from Toronto, there is a bus but easier with a car)
  • Niagara Falls, just incredible, even though every tourist in the world goes there, there’s a good reason for that (day trip from Toronto, lots of buses etc. so car optional)
  • Prince Edward County, a beautiful cultivated farm area with many places to sample excellent local cheese, wine, meats etc. (possible in a day trip but much better to stay overnight, or even two nights; best with a car)
  • Algonquin Provincial Park, no place like it anywhere else on earth, it is heaven and perfectly preserved (stay overnight, camping perfect but there are hotels/motels as well nearby… you will need a car)
  • Petroglyphs Provincial Park, with amazing rock-paintings by indigenous people of ancient times (fairly far but quite possible in a day trip, you will need a car)
  • Bruce Peninsula, lots of lovely beaches and hikes (fairly far but quite possible in a day trip, you will need a car)

Sessions & Presenters

Check the menu items at the top and bottom of each page, and click on whatever looks promising. As presenters are chosen and sessions developed, these will be posted on those pages.
You don’t. Just show up. If the participant max hasn’t been reached, you’re in. NOTE: If you are mobility-impaired and anxious about getting to low-limit sessions early enough, contact us and we may be able to help.
Thanks for your interest!

We open up to session proposals in February, generally. If you want to receive notice at that time, Click here put your name on our contact list, making sure to select “Call for Presenters” as an interest.

That said, please be aware that Mindcamp is a non-profit event, in which everyone pays their expenses. It’s not a paying gig. You will have to pay to come to Mindcamp whether you present or not.

Also it’s important to understand that Mindcamp is a gathering of colleagues, with a maximum of 200 participants, many of whom are already creativity professionals. If you’re looking for new clients, you probably won’t find any here.

Yes you can! You need to send it to the attention of “Alicia Ann Noble” and put “Re: Mindcamp” on the package as well. Here’s the address. (Note this is the YMCA’s address. We’re not there until Mindcamp begins, so it doesn’t work for cheques and ransom notes.)
Alicia Ann Noble
YMCA Geneva Park
RR 6, 6604 Rama Road,
Orillia, ON Canada L3V 6H6

Accommodation & Facilities

Yes, there is WiFi access in the main buildings. It is not particularly robust or speedy so don’t plan on streaming any movies or other high-bandwidth stuff while you’re there.
No, bedding and towels are provided. Bring a beach towel if you’d like to swim.
Yep. There’s a coin laundry that takes quarters and loonies.
There is WiFi, and your cell phone will work. If you need to give someone an emergency contact number during Mindcamp, please write to us and we will give you one of our numbers.
It depends on the level of impairment. There are no elevators anywhere on the site. About half the accommodation rooms are on the second floor, so if a ground-floor room is required you need to let us know.
Most of the sessions take place in ground floor rooms, but the site is very spread out, so to get from one session to another can be a 10-minute walk for someone with average mobility (the interval between sessions is 30 minutes). One session room is up a flight of stairs, however it’s a room we rarely use. Another session room requires four steps up to get into the room. Some sessions are outside on a lawn, or even go into the woods.

If you are mobility-impaired, will you be able to participate as fully as an unimpaired participant? No. But in the past several mobility-impaired participants have been able to cope with Mindcamp by planning their day to accommodate their pace.

Sorry, no. Geneva Park doesn’t allow camping onsite.
They are not available as conference accommodation and in fact are all rented out for the whole summer well in advance.
We sure hope so, because Mindcamp is on a lake and there’s a beautiful beach. Bring your swimsuit!
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