2017 Presenter

Massimo Agostinelli

Massimo Agostinelli lives in Montréal, QC and is presenting:

South African born, Massimo Agostinelli is a Montreal based choreographer and international master teacher of bouffon for 42 years now. Besides his huge choreographic legacy he has brought bouffon to the international community through Cirque du Soleil and taught in many dance and theater schools and enterprises. He is also artistic director of his dance troupe Écho and his bouffon troupe Bouffon De Bellefeuille. He has worked at Cirque du Soleil since 2004.

His teaching is sought after by artistic and non-artistic organizations and he has taught bouffon workshops with great success for Disney, Bombardier, Red Bull, HEC (several years in row), Creative Bangkok (ASCIM), Créa-France, Créa-Québec among other reputable institutions. Last year he successfully gave a TED talk on his bouffon teaching for TEDxLille. This year a short documentary, Le Ridicule Ne Tue Pas directed by Nathanaëlle Vincent and produced by l’INIS about his work with bouffon and how it changes and enhances peoples lives on many different levels was premiered at the Sherbrooke Film Festival April 2017 and will be seen in 38 countries.

This is Massimo’s first year presenting at Mindcamp.


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