2017 Presenter

Mahmoud Arafa

Mahmoud Arafa lives in Sterling, VA and is presenting:

Anywhere you find professionals contemplating the intersection between design and persuasion, you’ll find Arafa and his work that motivates people to action. He has a long list of clients for whom he designs and applies persuasion strategies that produce phenomenal results.

He has helped clients to evolve from entrepreneurs to enterprises, from local to global and from inception to infinity. Arafa works tirelessly to get their messages to their clients in a way that makes the audience come to their most logical conclusion—which happens to reflect the clients’ needs.

In addition to his contribution to the corporate world, Arafa is passionate about working for a good cause. He has been delivering compelling communication tools to alleviate people’s suffering, combat diseases and raise funds for non profits. Additionally, Arafa is a board member of Mosaic Theater company of DC, One of the most prominent theaters in DC that’s committed to making transformational, socially-relevant art.

In the past, Mahmoud has presented:

  • Persona That Sells: Developing a persuasive persona to conquer communication challenges (2013)


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