2017 Presenter

Bruce Baum

Bruce Baum lives in Buffalo, NY and is presenting:

Dr. R. Bruce Baum, a legend in his own mind, is a Professor Emeritus at Buffalo State College, co-founder of Applied Learning Associates and the ‘Head Honcho’ of HumorCreativity.Com. He received degrees from the University of Cincinnati, and Indiana University. Dr. Baum is author of two books, a DVD, a training CD and many articles.

Awards he has received include the Beyonder’s Award for Excellence in Creativity (South Africa Creativity Foundation, 2013), the Distinguished Leader Award (Creative Education Foundation, 2012) and the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (Buffalo State College, 2007. He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Coordinator of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Humor Project, a Certified Laughter Leader and a member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. Dr. Baum has made professional presentations Singapore, Cyprus, Jamaica, Japan, South Africa (10 times), Costa Rica, Dubai, and Canada.

In his spare time, Dr. Baum is a Rocket Scientist, Bronco Rider, Taxidermist, Explorer, Brain Surgeon and Gourmet.

In the past, Bruce has presented:

  • Motivating Audiences: Strategies for increasing participant engagement (2016)
  • Humor, Laughter, Magic: Promoting powerful presentations (2015)
  • Languages of Appreciation (2014)
  • Magical Collisions: Interactive activities and magic to explore who and what you are (2013)
  • Humour and Laughter: Bridges to creativity across cultures (2012)
  • Charm School for Men (2011)
  • Breakfast with Bruce (2010)
  • Bafa’ Bafa’: A Cross-Cultural Simulation (2009)
  • Creating Yourself as a Master Trainer (2009)
  • FISH! Philosophy: Strategies for Creating a Successful Work Environment (2009)
  • The Human Factor Creating a Collaborative Organization (2009)
  • Magic for the Magically Impaired (2009)
  • Motivating Audiences: Ten Minute (or less) Energizers, Icebreakers and Activities for Promoting Teambuilding, Creative Problem Solving and Laughter (2009)
  • Bafa’ Bafa’: A Cross-Cultural Simulation (2008)
  • Dealing with Difficult Participants (2008)
  • 10-Minute (or less) Warmups, Energizers and Icebreakers (2007)
  • Magic for the Magically Impaired (2006)
  • 10-Minute (or less) Warmups, Energizers, and Ice Breakers (2005)
  • Humor, Laughter and Creativity (2005)
  • 10-Minute (or less) Warmups, Energizers, and Ice Breakers (2004)
  • Humor, Laughter and Creativity (2004)


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