2017 Presenter

Missy Carvin

Missy Carvin lives in White Plains, NY, USA and is presenting:

Missy Goldwasser Carvin joined New Directions Consulting, Inc. in 2007. Although she had worked for the firm on a part-time basis for almost 15 years, she had put her BA in theater and history from Hartwick College into service working for Girl Scouts.

Now she is the President of New Directions, heading up the creative and online services as well as designing and implementing ”traditional“ research projects. She has been a leader at CPSI since 2011 and has also presented workshops at Florida Creativity Weekend and Mindcamp.

In the past, Missy has presented:

  • Breaking It Open: Finding the gifts in adversity (2016)
  • Improv in the Workplace: How the Ten Commandments of Improv can transform your professional life (2013)
  • Clown College: Learn the basics of clowning and put on a show! (2012)


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