2017 Presenter

Daniel Epstein

Daniel Epstein lives in Toronto, ON and is presenting:

Daniel Epstein is a consultant specializing in the application of cognitive and behavioral science in marketing and innovation. Daniel was at Procter & Gamble USA for 21 years where he was a “Harley Procter Marketer,” the highest designation for expertise in marketing (one of six globally in the company at that time). He was the commercial leader of Crest Whitestrips ($250M sales) and Tide Pods (over $1 B in sales). Daniel led P&G’s work on the future of marketing globally for 3 years, reporting directly to the Chief Marketing Officer. Upon moving to Canada (for love!!!), Daniel began consulting in behavior change as applied to both consumer and public health domains.

Daniel is also founder of “Portraits In Faith,” a multi-media documentary on spirituality changing people’s lives. Daniel has interviewed and made B&W portraits of 450 people in 27 countries over 11 years. Ken Burns, the Emmy-award winning filmmaker, said, “I was completely blown away. By its power and dignity, its implicit compassion and yet unblinking eye. I only wish I hadn’t been on the road for the last 3 months because I would have been able to see this amazing project sooner.”

This is Daniel’s first year presenting at Mindcamp.


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