2017 Presenter

Tony Esteves

Tony Esteves lives in Calgary, AB and is presenting:

Tony Esteves is a workshop facilitator, MC and a circus performer who is passionate about connecting people to people. His unique international experiences and aptitude for meeting strangers provide the foundation for Talk2MorePeople.com

He is the creator of the Talk2MorePeople Project which was a challenge to meet one new stranger a day for a full year. This purpose of this initiative was to get people off their technology and back into face-to-face conversations.

Having lived, worked or traveled to 40 countries, Tony has delivered sessions across North America, Europe and in South Africa.

He is a contributing author to the book, Big Ideas For The Big Stage – A grassroots guide that provides information, advice and insider tips to becoming a better speaker and presenter.

Audiences from Tony’s presentations leave entertained, educated and empowered.

In the past, Tony has presented:

  • 30 Day Challenges: Pushing Yourself Towards Your Dreams (2015)
  • Come Juggle with Us! (2015)
  • Smartphone iMovie Dreams: An introduction to video editing using iMovie on iOS (2015)
  • Strengthen Your Spin: Leadership lessons from ping-pong (2014)
  • Lead from Within: Serving up collaboration (2013)
  • Juggle Your Focus: Improve your focus by learning to juggle (2012)


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