2017 Presenter

Diane Houle-Rutherford

Diane Houle-Rutherford lives in Ottawa, ON and is presenting:

With over 30 years’ experience, Diane is a consultant, executive coach, trainer, speaker and facilitator who consult to managers and senior level executives in the public and the private sectors. She specializes in Leadership Development and Action Learning, Creative Problem Solving, Individual and Team coaching, Mental Health in the workplace and Team Building.

Diane is a licensed senior practitioner of the Kirton Adaption Innovation Inventory (KAI). She is also certified by the CPSB to administer the Situational Outlook Questionnaire (SOQ) to assess the organisational climate for creativity and change. She is a graduate of Concordia University with an MA in Human Systems Intervention. She is a leader at the European Creativity Conference (CREA) in Italy. She also presented at the International Leadership Association in Boston, at Talentopolis in Mexico and at the International Creativity Conference in South Africa.

Diane is a founding member of Créa-Québec and served 4 years on the Board of Directors.

In the past, Diane has presented:

  • Who Are You? Mining your past, communicating your Now (2015)
  • Style as an Element: Understanding and appreciating the diversity in a group (2014)
  • From Collision to Collaboration! Are you on a collision course with people around you? (2013)
  • Are You Resisting or Welcoming Conflicts? Analysis of conflicts through personal relationships and power lenses towards creative solutions! (2012)
  • Demystifying Creativity and Innovation: The impact of cognitive diversity on collaboration (2010)
  • Creative…but Different: Making Sense of It and Making Cents with It! (2009)
  • How You Are Creative: Why Style Matters (2005)
  • Adaption-Innovation A Matter of Style! (2004)


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