2017 Presenter

Samantha Hurwitz

Samantha Hurwitz lives in Toronto, ON, Canada and is presenting:

Uniquely positive, practical and perceptive, Samantha’s first career was as a corporate executive for 20+ years, where she sharpened her critical thinking skills doing finance, accounting, IT, operations, HR, and myriad projects that nearly dulled her everything else.

FORTUNATELY her second career is creative! Samantha now enjoys a fun portfolio career being co-author of Leadership is Half the Story: A Fresh Look at Followership, Leadership, and Collaboration (University of Toronto, Rotman Press, March 2015), being Chief Encouragement Officer of a really cool consultancy called FliPskills, developing online courses for FliP U, and being on boards including the Canadian Positive Psychology Association.

In the past, Samantha has presented:

  • Creative Team Dynamics: Bridging the creative space between people (2016)
  • Kirk vs. Spock: The elements of collaborative decision-making (2014)
  • Finding Your G-Spot (2013)
  • The Generative Partnership Model: How to rock it like the Beatles! (2012)
  • FliPskills Boot Camp: Pump up your partnering physique! (2010)


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