2017 Presenter

Deborah Jann

Deborah Jann lives in Oakville, ON and is presenting:

As Founder and Chief Experience Office at Roll Out Innovation, Deborah designs and delivers Roll Outs – strategic, in-transit problem solving experiences. Deborah draws on her intense curiosity and work experiences spanning four careers and three continents to help organizations disrupt with diplomacy for exceptional results.

Prior to launching Roll Out Innovation, Deborah was Senior Associate with Clean Slate Strategies and Principal, Market Development for the Talent and Leadership Development practice at LHH Knightsbridge. She has worked with a variety of clients across industries on the development of smart, ROI-focused leadership and team effectiveness solutions.

Deborah has spoken at a variety of events, including the national conferences of the Municipal Innovators Community, Institute for Performance and Learning, Retail Council of Canada, The North West Company, Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA), The Conference Board of Canada’s Workforce One-Stop 2013 and Women in Leadership and Business.

In the past, Deborah has presented:

  • Gift of Courageous Feedback: How to navigate tough conversations for win-win outcomes (2016)


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