2017 Presenter

Tessa Manuello

Tessa Manuello lives in Montréal, QC and is presenting:

Tessa Manuello is an accredited mediator and an emerging researcher at the intersection of dispute resolution, creativity and innovation. On a mission to improve access to justice, she created Neojustice, a forum for creating new ideas for the future of justice.

She is also an Associate Researcher at the Group for the Prevention and Resolution of Disputes (G-PRD) and the author of several publications on innovative legal practices. Tessa is an improviser, a poet and instaphotopoems maker.

Tessa lived on three continents, in Europe, North America and in Africa where she achieved a LLM in each one of them in the fields of Prevention and Resolution of Disputes, Human Rights, and International law.

She occasionally performs live poetry, as at Mind Camp 2013 Passegiata. She is ever since remembered as the French poet by the Apple tree.

Her poetry can be seen on instagram @LaViePoeme_

In the past, Tessa has presented:

  • Be There! A 90-minute experience to get you in the moment and do one thing at a time (2014)

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