2017 Presenter

Liz Monroe-Cook

Liz Monroe-Cook lives in Oak Park, IL, USA and is presenting:

Liz Monroe-Cook, Ph.D., has extensive experience as a consulting psychologist focusing on individual, group and organizational effectiveness. She uses creative thinking skills and Polarity Thinking in much of her facilitation, training and coaching work. She draws much of her own learning from the fields of cognitive and social psychology.

She serves as a leader at the Creative Problem Solving Institute, is a graduate of the Polarity Management Mastery Program, and is affiliated with thinkx intellectual capital and Polarity Partnerships, LLC.

She is the recipient of the Creative Education Foundation’s Distinguished Leader award, and presents at many creativity and professional development workshops, including CPSI, CREA, Florida Creativity Weekend as well as Mindcamp. A rich array of work settings and clients — academic, corporate, government and nonprofit — has given Liz many opportunities to focus on creativity elements!

In the past, Liz has presented:

  • Shower Thinking: The art, science and process of incubation (2016)
  • Habit Elementals: Making creativity automatic (2014)
  • Resist Intuition: (and reap the rewards) (2012)
  • Polarity Management™: Complexity and Creativity (2011)
  • Polarity Management: Balancing Chance (2010)
  • The Polarities of Creativity (2009)
  • Polarity Management: The Power of Paradox in Creativity (2009)
  • Necessary Dualities: Enriching Our Creative Lives (2007)
  • Balancing Polarities Applying the power of paradox (2006)
  • Wholistic Creativity: The Power of Paradox (2005)

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