2017 Presenter

Jim Ridge

Jim Ridge lives in Ancaster, ON, Canada and is presenting:

As part of a Paris-Milan based consulting firm Efeso, Jim advises and trains clients across North America and Europe on World Class Organizational Manufacturing specializing on Change Leadership for Lean Manufacturing.

He is also a professional illustrator with strong conceptual skills, which he uses to facilitate problem solving and ideation sessions. One of his unique talents is using his 36 years of manufacturing experience, combined with his graphic skills, to make difficult-to-understand business problems easy to understand with simple hand-drawn images.

Some of his works include illustrations for Tim Hurson’s best selling business book Think Better, Ken Wall“s children’s book series The Thribletts, and his own adult children’s book Lenard the Line which Jim presented (and drew) at a TEDx conference in Sarasota, Florida.

When not drawing what people are thinking Jim can be found welding metal sculptures, taking photographs with his vintage camera collection, telling traditional Japanese Kamishibai picture stories, or walking in the woodlands of his home near Toronto, Canada.

In the past, Jim has presented:

  • Make It Real: Making visual thinking and story telling a magical sensory experience (2016)
  • Kamishibai… The Lost Art of Picture Telling (2015)
  • Everyday Curiosity (2014)
  • Tell-A-Vision Academy: Animating your intelligence everyday (2014)
  • Tell-A-Vision: The art of creating a visual story (2013)
  • Everyday Curiosity: The magic of pulling things apart (2013)
  • Just Build It! The power of rapid visual prototyping (2012)
  • The Big Picture: The Art of Constructive Perception (2011)
  • Eye See the Future… with Graphic Thinking (2010)
  • Graphic Thinking Launch Pad (2009)
  • Way Finding for Graphic Thinkers (2009)
  • Graphic Thinking Boot Camp (2008)
  • Mindmapping… The innovative route to get you from here to HERE! (2007)
  • Mindmapping… The innovative route to get you from here to HERE! (2005)
  • Mindmapping… innovative route to get you from here to HERE! (2003)


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