2017 Presenter

Beth Slazak

Beth Slazak lives in Buffalo, NY, USA and is presenting:

Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Buffalo in History with a minor in Dance, a Social Studies Certification in Education from Buffalo State College, and a Masters of Science in Creative Studies from Buffalo State College. When not on Buffalo State or Genesee Community College’s campus teaching, she spends her time playing on state at Buffalo ComedySportz.

Beth enjoys teaching and training on humor and creativity and is two years into completing the work on her Certified Humor Professional standing. She uses this work when she speaks on the value of laughing through challenges.

In the past, Beth has presented:

  • Breaking It Open: Finding the gifts in adversity (2016)
  • Improv for the Cool Kids (2015)
  • What if…? Deciding on a dream (2015)
  • The Haha Moment (2011)


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