2017 Presenter

Vikram Swaminadhan

Vikram Swaminadhan lives in Montréal, QC and is presenting:

A multi-disciplinary inventor with a cross-functional business background, Vikram is motivated by his passion for innovation.

His aim is to propagate a systemic approach to creativity in product and process innovation. He believes that everything is inter-related and we have the rather fun job of finding the connections.

Vikram currently works with a range of industries, ideating innovative products and helping them find new meanings for existing ones. An active proponent of creative thinking in schools, he contributes a regular column aimed at young minds for India’s National Newspaper, The Hindu.

In the past, Vikram has presented:

  • Square Watermelons: When two thoughts collide (2013)
  • They Call Me Eccentric (…And I Love It!) (2011)


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