2017 Presenter

Tammy Sweeney

Tammy Sweeney lives in Toronto, ON and is presenting:

My strength is helping people and organizations build their capacity. This focus has led me to many different roles in my career, including business leader, HR business partner, learning coach, change facilitator, leadership facilitator, OD specialist, and keynote speaker all of which are connected to my central emphasis on helping people thrive. Most recently, it has helped me to shape and grow the Women In Leadership and Business Conference.

I am passionate about building the right corporate culture that inspires the people at work to be fully engaged and deliver RESULTS. This requires revising and reinventing management practices with the intention of creating an outstanding workforce! I am also passionate about connecting people – to other great leaders, to a greater purpose, and to a life where they THRIVE. Because we ALL want connection.

Building capacity and changing cultures is about transformation through learning and engagement. Every person, team, department and organization has unique needs and they all benefit from a leader who can help them become the best version of themselves. In my work, I develop a deep understanding of my client’s needs so that I can design and direct solutions for maximal growth. From one-on-one coaching to learning programs for thousands of people, I can work with you to help you deliver your best results.

There is no substitute for honest and real communication and connected relationships. My emphasis is on helping teams build a culture where people live the values, seek measurable results, and hold each other accountable.

This is Tammy’s first year presenting at Mindcamp.

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