2017 Presenter

Tim Switalski

Tim Switalski lives in Buffalo, NY and is presenting:

Tim is founder and president of Darwin Associates where he provides training, facilitation, coaching and consulting services to international clients focusing on the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Change Leadership, Creativity and Innovation. He is also a partner and co-founder of the Center for Certification in Creativity which certifies business leaders in creative leadership.

He holds a Master of Science degree in Creativity and Innovation from the International Center for Studies in Creativity and serves as an adjunct faculty and guest lecturer. Tim was the former Director of Leadership Development at Buffalo State College where he provided ongoing learning and development opportunities for professional staff and faculty of the college related to their leadership effectiveness.

Tim is also one of the co-founders and organizers of CREA Conference.

In the past, Tim has presented:

  • Creative Leadership: Vision, alignment, and execution (2016)
  • Campfire Singing: Fire and Song (2015)
  • Intentional Change: Focusing attention on your Ideal Self (2015)
  • Direct Your Attention: How leaders can learn to focus on the right thing (2014)
  • Values @ Work (2013)
  • Climate Change: Creating a positive environment for innovation (2012)
  • Developing Symphony: Helping Leaders See the Forest and the Trees (2010)
  • Developing Symphony: Helping Leaders See the Forest and the Trees (2009)
  • Real-Time Innovation: The Bridge Between Learning & Doing (2009)
  • Facilitating Creativity in a Cross-Cultural Environment (2008)
  • Creating a Coaching Culture to Support Innovation (2008)


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