Information for Presenters

Bio Pic and Session Images

Make sure we have a good photo of you. Whatever you send us will be made into black and white, and cropped/shrunk to 240px by 340px.

Bear in mind the purpose of the bio pic is to make you recognizable to Mindcampers. Your face should be very prominent.

POP QUIZ: Can you tell which of the two pictures below is the good example, and which the bad?

An example of a great bio pic (and a great inventor, Patricia Bath)  Just a bad bio shot, that's all)

We do a pretty great job of finding and preparing images to represent your session, so no need to do anything at all here. But if you have an image for the session in mind, please share it. Understand that all our session images must be at least 800px by 800px and are cropped square.

Presenter Registration

Please do so right away by clicking here. Register and pay and we will rebate you the appropriate amount on June 30* (or right away if it’s after June 30).

*i.e. shortly before the last instalment is paid, if you’re on the instalment plan.

Thanks for being on the case! We will calculate your discount and send you a refund on June 30 (or if it’s after June 30, very soon).
Depending on the length of sessions you present, you may receive a discount of between $80 and $400, which is shared among co-presenters when more than one person is giving the session. When more than one presenter is giving the session, the discount is shared among co-presenters. Note that presenters also receive a substantial discount for Pre-Mindcamp (see below).

Discounts are applied to your registration fees on or soon after June 30 (shortly before the last instalment is paid, if you’re on the instalment plan).

If your rebate gets bigger (e.g. we owe you more money), we will send you the rebate via a refund on what you’ve already paid. If your rebate gets smaller (e.g. you acquire a co-presenter), email and we’ll figure out what’s best.

Pre-Mindcamp for Presenters

Pre-Mindcamp starts the day before Mindcamp, on Tuesday afternoon August 16, 2016. It is offered at a substantial discount to presenters.

Pre-Mindcamp helps you get (re)acquainted with the Geneva Park site, greet old friends and meet new ones, enjoy some special programs for presenters, and learn about what other presenters are doing: in other words, learn what you need to know to give the best program you can during Mindcamp.
Mind U presenters, or presenters who are giving a shorter session “solo”: you pay $80 for Pre-Mindcamp. Add $70 if you’re in a single room.

Co-presenters of shorter sessions: you each pay $150 for Pre-Mindcamp. Add $70 if you’re in a single room.

If you’ve already registered for Mindcamp, log into Amilia and add Pre-Mindcamp to your order. You’ll get your Pre-Mindcamp rebate on or about June 30.

If you haven’t already registered, you can add Pre-Mindcamp when you do.

Your posses can also come at a discount! For regular (shared) accommodation, a spouse/partner can come for $150 and a kid for $100.

Session Handouts

At Mindcamp, we love trees. We love them so much, we will NOT photocopy your handouts for you. You have to do it yourself and bring them. But we’d rather you didn’t, except where absolutely necessary.  Ask yourself: “In what ways might I make my session paperless? Or at least less paperful?”

Here’s one possibility: make a PDF file that participants can download and print out themselves if they wish when they get home. We can help: Email the PDF of your handout to us at and we’ll make it downloadable from our website. They can even download it onto their laptops/smartphones/tablets while they’re at your session (if the WiFi is working, see below).
If there is a reference sheet they will need to use for an exercise, write it up on flipchart paper and stick it to the wall.
If people are filling out a worksheet, project the questions onto a screen and have them write out their answers in their notebooks.

Technical Stuff

If you want to run a slideshow or use a projector, bring your OWN laptop (unless you have specifically arranged with us to borrow one). We will provide projector, screen, and cable.

If you’re a Mac user, you will need an adaptor to match this cable to your laptop: if you don’t already have one please buy one ($30), test it, and bring it. The adaptor you need depends on which Mac you have. Older Macs need “Mini DVI to VGA”. Newer Macs need “Mini DisplayPort to VGA”. 

iconIf you aren’t sure which adapter you need, locate the slot on your Mac labeled like this:

Now compare the corresponding hole to the image below to see which one is for you. If in doubt, go to your nearest Apply dealer with your laptop and get their advice.


If you want to run a slideshow or use a projector, bring your OWN laptop (unless you have specifically arranged with us to borrow one). We will provide projector, screen, and cable.
First let us know so that we can put you in a room where there should be a connection.

BUT…. WiFi at Geneva Park is slow at best and unavailable when being rushed by a bunch of Mindcamp participants. We do our best, but plan for a slow connection, dropouts, and even the WiFi going down altogether during your session

Creativity is all about being flexible, right? 🙂


Bananas are our Mindcamp volunteers. They are here because they want you to succeed, and they’re working for free. Many are creativity professionals just like you, in fact several are also Presenters, just like you. 

At Mindcamp, it’s up to YOU as the presenter to set up, clean up, and troubleshoot. A Banana will volunteer to provide knowledgeable assistance while you do this.

Isn’t that great? Doesn’t it make you want to treat them with friendly respect and gratitude? Oh, yes! 

Selling Your Stuff

Please refrain from any commercial promotion during your session. But you may offer your products and commercial information at our book table.

If you have books, CDs or similar material of value to Mindcampers, please bring them. We’ll provide a book table where you can offer them for sale. We do not “staff” the table, but rather work on the honor system: You display your stuff, indicate your price, and ask people to leave their $$$ in envelopes that we provide. But feel free to staff the table yourself if you’d prefer to watch over your inventory or your income.
Got an e-book available on the web? Send the link ASAP to! We’ll include your book in posters we’re putting up around Mindcamp with QR codes that participants can snap with their smartphones to buy your e-book on the spot. How’s that for saving trees? 
Got a question that hasn’t been answered here? Check our FAQ page. Or write us at and we’ll do our best to answer it!