Presenters Past (and Present)

Focus on: Win Wenger Ph.D.
Gaithersburg, MD

Win has authored or co-authored, and published more than 50 books. Researcher, inventor, trainer and educator, he founded and heads the non-profit education and research firm Project Renaissance. He has created and developed more than a hundred specific methods and techniques for CPS and for accelerated/enhanced learning some of which are now in wide practice.

One such technique, ImageStreaming, has now appeared in several of the great books of Dr. Sidney J. Parnes, co-creator of the main, Osborn-Parnes system of CPS, as well as in the books and provisions of a good many other programs and method systems which have found it too useful not to pursue.

Win Wenger has presented:
  • ImageStreaming: Work directly with the most intelligent part of your brain (2015)
  • Win U: Tools to Draw Out the Answers Within (2015)
  • Imagestreaming (2014)
  • Win U (2014)
  • Win U: Tools to draw out the answers within (2013)
  • Imagestreaming: Work directly with the most intelligent part of your brain (2013)
  • ImageStreaming: How to get what’s in the back of your mind onto the tip of your tongue (2012)
  • Future Perfect: How to Experience the Future Before You Get There (2011)
  • ImageStreaming For Newbies And Near-Geniuses (2011)
  • Beyond SCAMPER: Use Profound Perspective-Shifts for Creative Problem-Solving (2010)
  • How to Quadruple How Fast You Learn! (2010)
  • Clinic in ImageStreaming (2009)
  • In 90 Minutes YOU Can Be Composing Good Music (2009)
  • Incentives As A Problem-Solving Method, And As A Preferred Instrument of Corporate And Public Policy (2009)
  • The Overarching Architecture of the Universe and of Us Within It (2009)
  • The Epistemology Romp: A most remarkable problem-solving method (2008)
  • Ways to Find Consensus (2008)
  • Win U: Tools to draw out the answers within ()
  • Wintro: Introduction to Win U ()

We don’t mean to brag, but….

…ok, yes we do mean to brag. Here are some of the amazing folks who have presented at Mindcamp in the past. Click on any of their names to view their bio.

Susan Abbott
Mario Allende
Anik April
Jay Aquilanti
Mahmoud Arafa
Cyndi Argona Burnett
Kate Ashby
Guy Aznar
Stephanie Barnes
Kristen Barney
Veta Bates
Bruce Baum
Tom Beakbane
Nathalie Bergeron-Duval
René Bernèche
Toto Berriel
Kathleen Berryman Thomas
Dan Bigonesse
Tara Bissett
Robert Alan Black
Peter Bouffard
Ann Bracken
Branko Broekman
Bill Brooks
Susan Brooks
Kevin Byron
Missy Carvin
Ana Castelan
Matteo Catullo
Colette Chambon
Karen BK Chan
Jeanne Chatigny
Tamara Christensen
Kim Cochrane
Francois Coetzee
Alison Cohen
Sylvie Courcelle
Andrew Crighton
Natalie Currie
Thérèse Daigneault
Jeffrey Davis
Sharon de Korte
Michel Delage
Dawn DePasquale
Rich DiGirolamo
Nicole Dobinson
Co Doesburg
Nathalie Doré
Eileen Doyle
Maggie Dugan
Lee Dunne
Timothy Dunne
Clare Dus
Newell Eaton
Alexandre Eisenchteter
Tony Esteves
Joette Field
Steven Fischer
Gregg Fraley

Janice Francisco
Simoon Fransen
John Frederick
Gert Garman
Tanya Gerber
Laila Ghattas
Guillemette Goglio
Melissa Gordon
Hamlin Grange
Paul Groncki
Janeen Halliwell
Kate Hayward
Katherine Heusner
Diane Houle-Rutherford
Cam Howey
Steven Hughes
Max Hurson
Tim Hurson
Marc Hurwitz
Samantha Hurwitz
Anthony Hyatt
Alina Isaac
Toby Israel
Deborah Jann
Emad Jelouali
Michael Jones
Jennifer Keilty-Friesen
Lee Kitchen
Clara Kluk
Yoel Kluk
Maxx Kochar
Cyriel Kortleven
Crystal Lahan
Franca Leeson
Jessi Luna
Karen Lynch
Ismet Mamnoon
Sid Marquez
Hassan Masum
Ana Matic
Goran Matic
Sylvain Matte
James McAnanama
Leslie McAnanama
Tom McMillian
Dimis Michaelides
Allie Middleton
Joe Miguez
Megan Mitchell
Liz Monroe-Cook
Jill Morris
Wayne Morris
Leonardo Muñoz
Kobus Neethling
Barbara Neray
Michel Neray
Ilse Nuytemans
Kaz Ogino
Bill Olsen

Marguerite Orane
Gina Paigen
Karla Palmero
Jon Pearson
Kristen Peterson
Ian Poinsenet
Tjitze Postma
Gerard J. Puccio
RL Read
Cynthia Reyes
Valérie Reynaud
Jim Ridge
Cora Robinson
Ian Rosenfeldt
Bruce Rosove
Sylvain Rouillard
Karen Rudolf
Ginny Santos
Guilherme Sarkis
Paolo Sbuttoni
Russ Schoen
Joshua Schrager
Peter Scott
John Sedgwick
Terri Segal
Steven Shama
Tzabia Siegel
Beth Slazak
Manuel Soto
Ate Stam
Stephanie Staples
William Sturner
Vikram Swaminadhan
Laura Switalski
Tim Switalski
Katie Tagye
Russell Thomas
Michelle Tokarczyk
Zachary Towne-Smith
Mark Vandael
Harry Vardis
Mary Ellyn Vicksta
Christopher von Baeyer
Robert Wakulat
Ken Wall
Susan Wenger
Win Wenger
Jason Williams
Olwen Wolfe
Brad Wong
Eryn Wuori
Cecilia Yau
Charlotte Young
Stanley Young
Greg Zlevor
Koen Zonneveld
Makheni Zonneveld