2018 Presenter

Newell Eaton

Newell Eaton lives in Albany, NY and is presenting:

Newell coaches leaders to innovate in today’s fast-changing complex global community. He believes that effective leadership is the key to a healthier world. His passion is helping leaders and teams develop organizations and communities people love to work and live in. Cultures that are attuned to being good neighbors locally and globally.

Newell is known for his capacity to create the safe psychological space for difficult conversations and breakthrough outcomes and for his creative facilitation of energizing experiential workshops and retreats. His motivational approach brings the latest adult development, neuroscience and mindfulness research to each client’s unique situation.

As someone entering his seventh decade of life he is actively embracing the transition to conscious elderhood and the benefits it can offer to self and others.

In the past, Newell has presented:

  • Campfire Dreaming: Listening together (2015)
  • Staying Awake: Somatic practices to co-create our collective future (2015)
  • SOAR: How to Sustain Outstanding & Articulate Resonance, as worlds collide, inside & out (2013)
  • LIFT: Inspiring yourself and others (2012)
  • Salon by the Campfire: Rediscovering the lost art of creative conversation (2012)
  • Creativity In-the-Box: Innovating through Real Constraints (2011)
  • Salon by the Campfire: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Creative Conversation (2011)
  • Chance CafŽ (2010)
  • A Chance to Unlock Your Immunity to Change (2010)
  • Balancing Polarities Applying the power of paradox (2006)
  • Integral Transformative Practice Kata (2005)
  • Managing Dilemmas (2005)
  • Integral Transformative Practice Kata (2004)
  • Salon: Rediscover the Lost Art of Creative Conversation (2004)

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