2018 Presenter

Allie Middleton

Allie Middleton lives in Albany, NY and is presenting:

Working as a mind-body leadership coach and consultant, Allie loves to integrate several wisdom traditions as she curates experiences that help others connect to the emerging collective intelligence and natural forms of creativity. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 40 years is is grateful for a family background connected to several esoteric traditions.

After a diverse business career leading innovative start-ups in New York City and moonlighting as a wilderness trainer, she began to commit her life and work to energy healing practices and behavioral health systems change projects. She was deployed to the 9/11 disaster as a mental health crisis expert.

Allie combines embodied presence practices from the Presencing Institute (Presencing.org) teaching Social Presencing Theatre to encourage individuals and groups to innovate from the inside out. She serves as faculty to health care specialists in the emerging field of Yoga Therapy. She and her husband Newell live in the Hudson River Valley in New York and enjoy traveling to sacred sites, near and far.

In the past, Allie has presented:

  • Morning Yoga: Wake Up Dreaming (2015)
  • Afternoon Yoga: Restore Yourself (2015)
  • Campfire Dreaming: Listening together (2015)
  • Staying Awake: Somatic practices to co-create our collective future (2015)
  • Yoga & Meditation: Morning practice (2013)
  • SOAR: How to Sustain Outstanding & Articulate Resonance, as worlds collide, inside & out (2013)
  • Morning Yoga & Meditation (2012)
  • Salon by the Campfire: Rediscovering the lost art of creative conversation (2012)
  • LIFT: Inspiring yourself and others (2012)
  • Integrative Leadership: How Theory U Changes Everything You Thought You Knew About Leadership (2011)
  • Salon by the Campfire: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Creative Conversation (2011)
  • Yoga and Meditation (2011)
  • Creativity In-the-Box: Innovating through Real Constraints (2011)
  • Integrative Leadership Practices (2010)
  • Yoga and Meditation (2010)
  • Chance CafŽ (2010)
  • Change as Critical Incident (2006)


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