Presenters Game

Here are all the presenters in random order. How many can you guess? Hover your mouse over the picture to find out their name and their program. (If you like this, try out the Sessions Game!)

  • The Lens of Style!
    Diane Houle-Rutherford
  • Juicy Fruits of Implementation
    Clara Kluk
  • Breaking It Open
    Missy Carvin
  • Ka-Zam!
    Lee Kitchen
  • Whole-Group Facilitation
    Liz Monroe-Cook
  • Charisma Analysis
    Alexander von Reumont
  • Critical Thinking
    John Sedgwick
  • Moving Toward or Away
    Tim Switalski
  • Mastercoach!
    Cora Robinson
  • Chiquita
    Franca Leeson
  • Breaking It Open
    Beth Slazak
  • Time Being
    Matteo Catullo
  • Check Your Privilege
    Robert Wakulat
  • Yoga
    Brad Wong
  • Tango Shining
    Nicole Dobinson
  • Solving the Diversity Puzzle
    Gina Paigen
  • Moving Toward or Away
    Laura Switalski
  • Fourth Third
    Vikram Swaminadhan
  • Motivating Audences
    Bruce Baum
  • Collaborative Decision-Making
    Marc Hurwitz
  • Collaborative Decision-Making
    Samantha Hurwitz
  • Collaborative Decision-Making
    Ginny Santos
  • Creative Process Foot Camp
    Tim Hurson
  • Heaven on Earth
    Laila Ghattas
  • Twisted Tools and Techniques
    Janeen Halliwell
  • Art of Three
    Tessa Manuello
  • Simplify to Persuade
    Mahmoud Arafa
  • Aging Reimagined
    Alina Isaac
  • Creative Process Foot Camp
    Kristen Peterson
  • Painting Your Life
    Russell Thomas
  • Nos Inventa
    Ismet Mamnoon
  • Carpool Innovation
    Deborah Jann
  • Storyland
    Jim Ridge
  • Normals, Deeps and Weirds. Oh my!
    Jay Aquilanti
  • Juicy Fruits of Implementation
    Sylvain Rouillard
  • Difficult People
    Steven Shama
  • Mastercoach!
    Francois Coetzee
  • Bodystorm!
    Anik April
  • Improvise Your Third
    Tony Esteves
  • Liberating Structures
    Dan Bigonesse
  • The Third Eye
    Mary Ellyn Vicksta
  • Points of You
    Katie Tagye
  • Scentstorming
    Tamara Christensen
  • WWJaJD?
    Paolo Sbuttoni