2017 Rates

What’s Included

  • Accommodation and meals from Wednesday August 23 to Sunday August 27
  • All programs: as many sessions as you want to attend plus available YMCA activities (e.g., kayak, canoeing, windsurfing)
  • 13% sales tax (HST)
    (we are sure that whatever the government does with this extra dough will be spectacularly beneficial to everyone)
  • Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, or e-Checks. Sorry,
    no American Express.
Our host, YMCA Geneva Park, offers accommodation, meals, and meeting facilities on 150 beautiful wilderness acres. There are miles of hiking trails, a beach, watersport facilities, dining room and lounges.

All prices are in Canadian funds, you lucky Americans!
Instalment plan: You have the option to pay 25% deposit when you register, then pay the balance in 3 monthly instalments
Shared Accommodation (if you’re coming alone, we find you a roommate) $935 per person
Single Accommodation (TOO LATE: SOLD OUT) SOLD OUT
Budget Room (shared, miserable, small and rustic, no toilets) $690 per person
Youth age 12-17 (save 5%-15% on multiple-kid families) $575
Youth age 6-11 (SOLD OUT) SOLD OUT
Infants (aged 0-5) FREE
Bursary Fund Please consider adding a donation to the Bursary Fund when you register.

Cancellation If you cancel by August 1, we return your fees, less a $50 administration fee. There is no refund after August 1.

Presenters get a discount according to the length and number of their sessions. This is worked out individually and you’ll be refunded the discount when your presentation is accepted. Presenter discounts do not apply to corporate registrations unless requested.

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