The Bursary Fund (Makes Us All Richer)


At Mindcamp we want more: more kinds of people, that is. We want to be able to welcome people of a range of ages, backgrounds, professions, and from all walks of life, including those with little or no disposable income.

Of course Mindcamp is a great deal, but even our meagre prices are a hurdle for some. Thus we have established a Bursary Fund.

Over the years we have been able to welcome dozens of registrants who would not otherwise have been able to come: registrants who do not necessarily fit the socioeconomic profile of the “typical” Mindcamper. We think — no, we know — that the Bursary Fund helps us increase our social and economic diversity, and that an increase in diversity is an increase in value for everyone.

Please, if you haven’t yet given to the Bursary Fund this year, consider doing so. Even $25 will help. And even if you have given, consider giving a little more.

And if you need to draw from the Bursary Fund, here’s a link to an application.