2017 Session Description

Normals, Deeps and Weirds. Oh My!

For adults • 2 x 90 minutes
Category: Strategies
Maximum Participants: 25
Saturday 10:45am • Court 16
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

You’ve spend a tremendous amount of time clarifying your “How Might We” question — and once completed, you’d like to jump to the BIG IDEA. But wait! There’s a lot of data out there informing your challenge. What do you do? There are clues you’ve got from your trusted sources. But your competition is doing the same. What do you do about the clues you haven’t access to that easily? How do you build in clear, concise human truths that will propel your ideas from good to great? – and ahead of your competition!

In this session, we’ll look at the critical area of exploring clues that are waiting to be found. In addition to learning the critical creative behaviors of intuition and curiosity, like any good detective, we’ll deep dive into the search and discovery of key clues from consumers who have a normal relationship to your challenge; a deep relationship to your challenge, and most rewarding a WEIRD connection to your challenge in order to develop hunches and insight platforms, opening up a world of deeper and rewarding opportunities!

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Critical understanding of the types of un-interpreted data around you
  • How to segment interview subjects into three key categories
  • Develop a concise selection of insights and opportunities to springboard to ideation
Jay Aquilanti
Orange County, CA

Jay Aquilanti, a dual US-Canadian California-based practitioner in creative problem solving (wow – take a breath!), leads a bi-coastal team of Innovation Catalysts for Yellow Shoes, Disney Parks’ in-house creative content group. No challenge is too small for Jay and his team as they work to solve challenges across the Disney Parks portfolio world-wide.

As a 20+-year cast member with he actively takes part in the creativity community having been a past presenter of Mindcamp, CPSI leader and even a red jacket of CREA – yes!

As a Toronto native, Jay has resided in Orange County CA since 2002 with his three daughters, and along with his partner, Tony and his three boys, it’s a Brady Bunch kind of adventure!

Attending Mindcamp for the first time was such a transformative experience, it REMAINS his all-time favorite gathering of a creative community!

Jay is a returning presenter. Click here to see their sessions from previous years.

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