2017 Session Description

Heaven on Earth
I love me, I love me not

For adults • 2 x 90 minutes
Category: Insight
Saturday 10:45am • Daniel Centre
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

What if you can bring bliss into your experience NOW and integrate into the remainder of your time the best possible relationship with yourself? It doesn’t matter what else is working in your life; you simply won’t be happy for any significant amount of time or depth if you’re not OK with you.

Discover and practice the tools of specific language and attitude shifts that inch (or catapult) you closer to heavenly joy while your heart still beats. The path of self-directed kindness, gentler inner dialogue, more accepting perceptions leads you to the most awesome (and surprisingly accessible) state of being: SELF LOVE.

Your choice. Your shift. Your love. Your life. Forever hold your peace.

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Transform negative self-talk into meaningful awareness
  • Lighten up by practicing truth based self-perception
  • Change the world by modeling self-love as a viable alternative lifestyle
Laila Ghattas
Toronto, ON, Canada

Laila Ghattas is a Happiness Specialist helping thousands of individuals & couples find their own answers. Laila expertly weaves creativity, intuition and psychotherapy into self-discovery programs that deliver profound personal growth. Laila’s richly textured vocation as an artist, writer, Gestalt therapist, Reiki practitioner, group facilitator, public speaker and fabric/clothing designer deeply satisfies her path to serve.

Recognizing the chronic state of insecurity many endure, Laila designs inspiring self-confidence solution programs for individuals and couples.

Responding to the epidemic of body image issues, she launched her esteem nurturing label: Laila Goddess- Flattering wardrobe essentials designed for mature women and created from Laila’s signature, hand-printed fabrics.

Each winter Laila is Bali bound and blessed with the spiritual tapestry of Balinese Hinduism. The wisdom and insight gleaned from ancient mystical traditions beats at the heart of all she creates and shares. Between journeys Laila can be found in Toronto where she offers private sessions, workshops and fashion showroom events.

Laila is a returning presenter. Click here to see their sessions from previous years.


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