2017 Session Description

Erotic Insights
The relationship with the erotic in you

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Insight
Maximum Participants: 26 (women only)
Friday 1:30pm • Centennial 15
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

Although this topic is relevant to men as well, this particular workshop is for women only.

Have you ever wished you could experience yourself more fully as a sensual and sexual being? Do you long for more spark and renewal in your intimate relationship — with yourself or others?

Linked with creativity, vitality and emotional closeness, the erotic is multifaceted, complex, sometimes paradoxical, and entwined with unique meanings for each of us.

The erotic is much more than sex. Yet we seldom delve into its mysteries or investigate its role in our health or our life’s journeys.

Whether you are in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd third of your lifespan, this is an opportunity to deepen you understanding and to befriend your “erotic self” in a welcoming space where personal awareness and self-discovery can develop.

Using gentle curiosity, we will engage in discussion and experiential exercises (i.e. sociometry and other action methods) to explore our relationship with sensuality and eroticism. There will be time for reflection — privately and in pairs, triads and larger groups.

Norms: No sexual touch or explicit sexual material. Attention to emotional safety is paramount.

This workshop is for you if you are a woman aged 19 to 99 of any sexual orientation; un-partnered or partnered; sexually active or not; playful or reticent about this topic.

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Explore the role of “the erotic” in personal healing and growth
  • Understand limiting judgments, fears or expectations that may operate in the realm of “the erotic”
  • Connect with what is important to you in your relationship with “the erotic”
Alina Isaac
Toronto, ON, Canada

Alina draws from various art forms to infuse her work with creative, action-oriented approaches. She holds a Masters in Social work and is trained in group psychotherapy and sex therapy. Presently Alina is in the process of concocting private practice experiential workshops on topics such as the relationship between inner life and outer life, and the relationship with The Erotic. She enjoys clay sculpture and painting; some of her poetry was published.

Alina works as a Nurse Consultant providing education, group psychosocial support, and consultation in mental health promotion. She delights in designing unique workshops, smuggling innovation and sees her role as helping create ‘reflective space’.

She has presented at two national conferences and volunteered for many years for the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association as treasurer and conference-planning co-chair. Alina has worked with women recovering from trauma in a day treatment setting; spent two months in the Arctic in a nursing internship; and continues to work occasionally as an addictions nurse. Alina started Kaiut Yoga teacher training in February 2017.

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