2017 Session Description

What Would Joe and Jeanne Do?

For adults (teens welcome) • 2 x 90 minutes
Category: Immersion
Saturday 10:45am • Outside Hub
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

We are delighted that Mindcamp will, once again, host the labyrinth. We are also honored to follow in the footsteps of our dear friends Joe Miguez, lab master, and Jeanne Chatigny, friend, mentor and muse, who gifted us with so many lessons and laughter.

The labyrinth is an ancient, sacred space in which you can explore deeply, answer questions, and question answers. Using a moving meditation technique, you will discover the opportunity to engage in creative dialogue with your inner mentor. You will learn from the experiences of others, share the gifts of the labyrinth, and engage in collaborative conversation.

Like any great story, this workshop will unfold in three acts: beginning, middle, and end. In the beginning, you will listen to yourself. In the middle, you will listen to the labyrinth. In the end, you will listen to each other.

Be forewarned: you may travel through the darkness before you arrive at the third third, a place where you will meet an unknown ally and, finally, see the light.

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Come back to center. Learn about the labyrinth as a moving meditation that connects you to yourself, your dreams and each other.
  • Embrace ambiguity. Explore the possibilities of finding answers to your deepest questions in unlikely places.
  • Answer 3 questions: What did you take? What can you give? What will you receive?

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Paolo Sbuttoni
Novi Ligure, Italy

Paolo is a creativity and innovation consultant, partner of Eventi Creativi, a consulting firm based in Milan, Italy. He has worked for more than 25 years in advertising as a copywriter and creative director.

He is founder and Vice-President of CREA Italia, the organization that sponsors CREA. He is leader and presenter at the Creative Problem Solving Institute, Buffalo NY, and he also presented at Mindcamp (Toronto), Colloques Crea Université (Paris), European Association of Creativity and Innovation, and at ISPIM Conference in Dublin. He is Certified FourSight Advanced Trainer.

He has been focused in developing techniques in innovative thinking, leadership and creative climate for organizations. For 10 years he has also taught Theory and Techniques of Advertising at the IULM University in Milan, Italy. Last but not least, he is also a proud tenor in the Italian Choir Panatero and performed Classical Masterpieces and Opera Themes.

His headline: ”I’m crazy about listening: you can learn so much when your mouth is shut.“

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Tamara Christensen
Phoenix, AZ

Tamara Christensen is on a mission to transform the way it feels to work. The founder of Idea Farm, she is a passionate and empathetic facilitator, trainer, speaker and author. Tamara has nearly 20 years of experience blending design thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, and research to help organizations build innovation capabilities and apply them to complex business challenges.

Tamara works with a range of organizations from small not-for-profits and local businesses to global Fortune 100 companies including Honeywell and 3M. In addition to an MSD in Design Thinking and doctoral studies in teaching creativity, she has earned various facilitation certifications including the Integrating Creative Leadership program at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), Lego® Serious Play® methods and materials and the Stormz digital collaboration tool for large groups and events.

Tamara presents at events around the globe including CPSI, CREA and Mindcamp. She has been described metaphorically as a glass of prosecco, a whirling dervish and a sharpie. Tamara’s book, F-ing Innovation: Why innovation is hard and what to do about it is now available on Amazon.

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