2017 Session Description

The Third Eye
Evolving your way of seeing

For adults • Mind U session
Category: Creating
Daily 9:00am • Thurs Centennial 12; Fri-Sat-Sun Court 5
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

We now have an object in our pockets that allows us to depict our world instantaneously. But often our photos don’t mesh with what we saw. We haven’t developed an “eye” — yet. Mary Ellyn will help you see the world around you in both familiar and un-familiar ways.

We will start with realistic depictions of people, places, and objects. You will learn compositional guidelines and photo editing tools that will enhance these images. This is the First Eye: Realism.

Then we will start breaking the rules. You will use photo-taking techniques and photo apps to create photos that are your expression of the reality that surrounds you — and reflect on what these photos express about you. This is the Second Eye: Creative Expression.

Finally, we will move into the world of abstraction and dreaming. Your photos will not merely mirror reality but explore beyond. You will create metaphors, envision the future, and radically alter your — and your viewers’ — perceptions. This is the Third Eye: Perceptive Insight.

Your journey culminates with your own personal photo gallery that journals your evolution from First Eye to Third Eye.

Bring your smart device to fully participate in this evolution!

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to capture and depict reality through photo enhancement
  • Explore various ways to “creatively” express your photos
  • Experience techniques that will push your seeing and image-capturing towards unique perceptions of self and the world around you
Mary Ellyn Vicksta
Appleton, WI

Mary Ellyn Vicksta fell in love with photography when her Aunt and Uncle took family pictures when she was a mere child. While others griped about posing for those family moments, Mary Ellyn was intrigued by what is possible with photos.

Fast forward to the 21st century and she continues to explore possibilities in creative expression while image taking and image making. She combines traditional image taking primarily using a digital camera with image making using photo apps on her iPad. She’s become a bit of a photographic groupie for the Canadian photo expressionists, Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant, with seven workshops in the past few years.

To make money to support her photographic habits, she facilitates new idea workshops and conducts creativity training for corporate clients. Recently she started using Stormz for virtual ideation.

Mary Ellyn is a returning presenter. Click here to see their sessions from previous years.


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