2018 Session Description

Stop Selling Solar Panels
Your customers don’t care about your products or services

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Learning

When I was in Uganda working with an orphanage I noticed the founder was filling out the paperwork to receive the donation for some solar panels. I asked him why were they doing this when things like protein, clothing, or education seemed more relevant to my naïve eyes. To which he responded, “They will give us solar panels or nothing. So we will take the solar panels. Besides, in Uganda de electricity is scarce and expensive.” In time, I learned that the orphanage did not need solar panels… nor protein or clothing. They needed a process to do business on their own and get rid altogether of donations.

The story came back to me working for a multinational blue chip company; where they were using advanced analytics and data to justify selling their products. But when talking to their customers I discovered the customer felt completely unheard but purchased their products either way. So I made the connection and realized this large company was also “selling solar panels”.

I have experimented since in a process which provokes to step back when looking at data to justify commercial plans. To a simple method to be more empathic when selling whatever it is we sell.

I invite you to my workshop to realize whether you are convincing your son to go visit grandma or you are selling multimillion dollar projects or you are attempting to make a donation to an NGO, at the end you have an agenda which might be alien to your customer and without knowing you are, after all, “selling solar panels”.”

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Interiorize the insight of shoving your ideas down to your client
  • Stop the agenda!!!!
  • Enjoy more what you “sell”

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Yoel Kluk
Houston, TX, USA

I am driven to try new things despite the risk; while at the same time learning from each of those experiences and adjusting rapidly. A designer of solutions, innovator with high tolerance to ambiguity, I am biased towards doing things that move forward the people of the organization I am engaged with.

  • CEO and founder of Kluk and Associates – a company focused on enhancing productivity by applying methodology through technology, including Intelligent Collaboration, Intelligent Creative Thinking and Intelligent Insights
  • An affiliate of ThinkRite, a new business collaboration ecosystem
  • Partner of Grupo-Piensa, a creative thinking facilitation firm
  • Faculty of Centro de Certificacion en Creatividad A.C.
  • International keynote speaker with experience in Mexico, USA, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Peru
  • Specialties: Organizational strategy, diagnosis, transformation and implementation of change, opportunity analysis.

Yoel is a returning presenter. Click here to see their sessions from previous years.


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