2018 Session Description

Gender Role Reversal
What daily life really feels like for the opposite sex

For adults • 90 minutes
Category: Insight
Maximum Participants: max 15 men

Many gender codes remain with us, even though we might like to believe they don’t. Some people speculate that these codes have an evolutionary background and are unlikely to change.

Several of these pervasive gender codes are related to social status. Throughout history, a woman’s social status has always been highly dependent on her beauty and sexual allure, and a man’s social status has been highly dependent on his productivity, his career, and his wealth.

Through interactive exercises and debriefs, we’ll experience what it actually feels like for the other gender, every day. We’ll explore if and how it’s possible for each of us to change these patterns in our own lives.

In the past, this session has drawn significantly more women than men. (An interesting observation in itself.) Men, please know that the men who have attended previous sessions have found this to be an almost overwhelmingly powerful experience. And women, if you’re planning to come, please try to bring a man with you.

The Skinny: 3 things you will do in this session

  • Actually experience (not simply discuss) what it feels like to walk in someones else’s shoes
  • Get an in-depth understanding about how the societal norms of the other gender influence their lives and behaviors every day in ways you may not realize
  • Strategize how you might challenge and change your subconscious judgements and behaviors relative to the opposite gender

Apologies to Magritte.

Susan Robertson
Orlando, FL

Susan helps people and organizations solve tough solve problems more effectively. Some of the world’s largest corporations call on Susan to consult with them on innovation initiatives, strategy, and culture.

Susan also teaches creative thinking and organizational success at Harvard University and has been a keynote speaker at the NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center. She speaks frequently about innovation & creativity around the globe and has worked in South Africa, Italy, South Korea, Sweden, the U.K., China, France, Brazil, Mexico, Greece, Canada, and the US.

Clients include Johnson & Johnson, Georgia Pacific, Kashi, Pfizer, PPG, Kellogg’s, Pepsiso, Clorox, Bank of America, Novartis, PetCo, AstraZeneca, P&G, Wells Fargo, Marriott, Chase, and HGTV, among others.

Susan has served on the board of the Creative Education Foundation (CPSI), and is also a volunteer mentor with Take Stock in Children, a program designed to enable disadvantaged youth to break out of the trap of poverty.

This is Susan’s first year presenting at Mindcamp.

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