Session Handouts

Session handouts will be added to this page as they are provided by the presenter. Check back if you don’t find what you want, it may appear in a few days!

Campfire (chords)Campfire SingingCampfire Chords (dark & light versions)
Campfire (lyrics)Campfire SingingCampfire Lyrics
Howey, CamElectrical 101from the session Cam did with the kids
Hurson, Tim & Kristen PetersonCreative Process Foot CampGUST worksheet
Manuello, TessaThe Art of ThreeSlide Deck
Monroe-Cook, Liz & DaleWhole Group FacilitationSlide Deck
Nichols, EmilyTelescope, Periscope, FuturescopeCertificate of Awesomeness and Vast Potential
Robinson, Cora & Francois CoetzeeMastercoach!Deck 2
Robinson, Cora & Francois CoetzeeMastercoach!Deck 1
Swaminadhan, VikramThe Fourth ThirdSlide deck
Sweeney, TammyACT FirstCycle of Action
Sweeney, TammyACT FirstWorksheets
Switalski, Laura & TimMoving Toward or AwaySlide Deck
Vicksta, Mary EllynThe Third EyeSlide Deck
Youth ProgramAll of them!Our awesome yearbook,
including 4 exciting comic book stories!