Special Sessions

Camino: Let’s Go For a Walk

In 2012, we introduced a new element to Mindcamp: an evening stroll, pre-sunset, after dinner, in which Mindcampers were invited to encounter a series of creativity buskers and enjoy various surprise activities. This outing is an opportunity to pick up new ideas, have fun, and connect with the community in a relaxed series of chance encounters. This year’s Camino takes place on Friday night.

Encounters in the past have included performances of all kinds (mostly interactive), a punk hair salon, ice cream, a Thinking Well, free hugs, poetry performances, environmental art co-creation, a karaoke stand, bubbles, chocolate kisses thrown from a certain balcony, glow-in-the-dark ping pong, light-up hula-hoops…. and much much more.

Got an idea? If you’d like to take up a station on the Camino and provide a “happening” for strollers, we’d love to hear about it! Click here to submit your proposal!


Kaleidoscope Groups

Kaleidoscope group sessions were one of the highlights of Mindcamp. They enhanced the learning and social experience by providing a space for reflection, discussion and fast-developing friendships.Participant
We all know that what you learn from an experience doesn’t end when the experience is over. In fact, most of your learning takes place after the experience, when you discover the connections between what you’ve learned and what you already know — between who you are and what you might become.

So in 2013, thanks to our dear friends at CREA, we introduced an opportunity for participants to share what they had learned, what they thought, what they felt, and what they wondered about their Mindcamp experiences. It was a hit! We’re doing it every year now.

I love having an intimate debrief group where I can go to share thoughts and incubate on ideas together. Participant
We do this through small, facilitated groups called Kaleidoscopes. Each group will be hosted by an experienced facilitator who will ensure a safe, open environment in which you can explore your thoughts and feelings, unpack your learnings, and begin integrating what you’ve been exposed to.

Night Flights

Every year, all Mindcampers have the opportunity to offer something we call Night Flights. These are workshops that are held in the evening, after the normally scheduled sessions. Here is how it works:

People who want to present fill out a form that says what the session is about, how long it will be, and which evening it will be.

Then we post the sheet on a bulletin board for everyone to see. People who are interested sign up on the sheet. We then assign a room appropriate to the number of people who have indicated they want to come.

Night Flight forms will be available at Mindcamp during the conference, but you can get one right now by clicking here.