2017 Sessions

Here’s a list of the first 50 sessions we’ve chosen so far. We’ll be adding more over the next few weeks.

Mind U

Mind U is a set of concurrent, deep-dive sessions that take place each morning at 9am. Participants select one, and return to it in that first period each day for the whole of Mindcamp (going to other stuff for the rest of the day). Here’s a list of what’s been chosen so far:

  • Breaking It Open Finding the gifts in adversity (Beth Slazak, Missy Carvin)
  • Focus on Behavior Attitudes and intentions do not predict behavior — habits DO (Daniel Epstein)
  • Mastercoach! Strategies for unlocking creative potential in yourself and others (Cora Robinson, Francois Coetzee)
  • Painting Your Life (Russell Thomas, Heather Thomas)
  • Storyland The magic land of picture telling (Jim Ridge)
  • The Third Eye Evolving your way of seeing (Mary Ellyn Vicksta)
  • Third Party Time! How to engage your stakeholders for an innovation no one wants to hear about (Edouard Le Marechal)
  • Time For Every Purpose Deliberately altering the speed of time (Matteo Catullo, Tim Hurson)

Other Sessions

There are other, shorter sessions too. Here’s what’s been chosen so far. And more to come!