2017 Session Description

Bouffon for Everyone
Make a painless life-lasting transformation laughing all the way

For adults (teens welcome) • 2 x 90 minutes
Category: Immersion
Maximum Participants: 25
Saturday 10:45am • Centennial Auditorium
Time and location subject to change (what isn’t?)

The bouffon is the opposite of the clown. The audience laughs at the clown on stage, but the bouffon laughs at the audience. Based on medieval history and adapted to the present day, this workshop is for everyone. I have taught artists and non-artists of all ages and backgrounds, from people with no performance experience to those who have a strong desire to transform in an unforgettable, creative and hilarious way.

You will be challenged, pushed, cajoled, and tickled beyond your previously imagined limits. Explore and develop your mental and physical range through ‘jeu’ (games), simple improvisations, bouffon performance skills, bouffon character development, ensemble thinking, collaboration, and sore abs (from laughter).

Bouffon is for people who want to break through barriers of any kind. This is a life-lasting experience that you will cherish forever. If you want — or need — to shake up your world in the funnest way you can imagine… this should do the trick!

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Build confidence, communication skills and awareness of the society and environment in your life or in the work force
  • Enhance your role as a team player or leader
  • Enhance your creativity through complete abandonment, absurdity and pure raw gut roaring laughter and pleasure

Photo by Mae Blak Photography

Massimo Agostinelli
Montréal, QC

South African born, Massimo Agostinelli is a Montreal based choreographer and international master teacher of bouffon for 42 years now. Besides his huge choreographic legacy he has brought bouffon to the international community through Cirque du Soleil and taught in many dance and theater schools and enterprises. He is also artistic director of his dance troupe Écho and his bouffon troupe Bouffon De Bellefeuille. He has worked at Cirque du Soleil since 2004.

His teaching is sought after by artistic and non-artistic organizations and he has taught bouffon workshops with great success for Disney, Bombardier, Red Bull, HEC (several years in row), Creative Bangkok (ASCIM), Créa-France, Créa-Québec among other reputable institutions. Last year he successfully gave a TED talk on his bouffon teaching for TEDxLille. This year a short documentary, Le Ridicule Ne Tue Pas directed by Nathanaëlle Vincent and produced by l’INIS about his work with bouffon and how it changes and enhances peoples lives on many different levels was premiered at the Sherbrooke Film Festival April 2017 and will be seen in 38 countries.

This is Massimo’s first year presenting at Mindcamp.

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