2017 Session Description

That Lovin’ Feeling
How to use dating, mating & relating tips to enhance your workplace

Janeen Halliwell, Paul Fleming
90 minutes
Category: Tools/Techniques
Maximum Participants: 30

Sometimes the workplace gets raw, emotional, and scary for everyone. Whether it’s a simple day to day business process or special project, our participation exposes us and our ideas to the world and our peers. Communication gets personal. Tensions increase. Tears flow (ok, maybe not tears). What’s a person to do?

Join in a fun and highly experiential workshop with Janeen and Paul as they share tips, tools, and skills from the dating, mating, and relating world and learn how to transpose them into enhancing your workplace. And who knows – maybe your love life will benefit too!

The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session

  • Awaken to how every human connection, even in a business setting, is just like dating, mating, and relating
  • Recognize the signs of spiralling relationships that need a little tenderness
  • Practice using tools, tips, and techniques to create a little love, openness, and honesty between people

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Janeen Halliwell
Toronto, ON

Janeen Halliwell has 28 years’ experience leading and supporting organizations that focus on improving people’s lives. Her work has evolved from a focus on quality to advancing new thinking and driving innovation in health and human services.

She has worked on five continents and taught for two universities. In 2012, she founded ‘We Move Forward,’ a 4-day International Women’s Day held on Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women, Mexico. Janeen received a certificate of recognition from UN WOMEN for empowering women through this ongoing project.

She strongly believes that you’ll never feel more alive than when you feel a little scared, and strongly encourages individuals and organizations to explore and take risks. While in her mid-forties she unplugged from consulting, and sailed 9000 sea miles as a cook on a world traveling sailboat. Janeen has a MA in Leadership.

Janeen is a returning presenter. Click here to see their sessions from previous years.


Paul Fleming
Toronto, ON

Paul’s day jobs give him a unique perspective on the working world. As the VP of Fuel with Combustion, a world-conquering, butt-kicking learning and development company he works with clients to develop programs delivering ninja level soft skills like creativity, presentation skills and leadership while covertly changing organizational cultures.

His alter ego (who is pursuing a doctorate) passionately researches how start-ups come into existence to uncover and share what we can learn from them. Mashing together over 25 years of experience working in consulting, advertising, and entrepreneurial ventures Paul delivers a fresh and thought-provoking take on where work needs to go.

He sits on the Advisory Board of Management Studies at Humber Business School and the Leader Project at the Ivey School of Business (where he’s worked with on the ground with entrepreneurs in Haiti and Lithuania).

This is Paul’s first year presenting at Mindcamp. Sessions include:


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