2016 Sessions

First Night

On our first night, Wednesday, there was a set of short concurrent sessions oriented to introducing or honing a particular aspect of creativity. Several of these were perfect for people who are new to Mindcamp and/or new to creativity processes and techniques. Here they are (well, were):

Mind U

Mind U was a set of concurrent, deep-dive sessions that took place each morning at 9am. Participants selected one, and returned to it in that first period each day for the whole of Mindcamp (going to other stuff for the rest of the day). Here’s a list:

Double 90 Sessions

Double 90 sessions ran concurrently on Friday after Mind U: 90 minutes, then a break for lunch, then return for the second part of the session. Here’s a list:


In addition to Mind U, some programs ran daily, or on an ongoing basis. In these cases nobody had to choose. They were not necessarily concurrent and you could go to one, all, some, or none. Here’s a list:

Other Sessions

After that first Mind U period, there were regular slots for independent 90-minute sessions till lunch, and another for 60- and 90-minute sessions after lunch. A lot of them!

  • Art of Appreciation Seven secrets of the lost art (Steven Shama)
  • Between the Beats The magic of rhythm lies in the space between (Mario Allende, Toto Berriel)
  • Breaking It Open Finding the gifts in adversity (Missy Carvin, Beth Slazak)
  • Building Creative Tension Honoring the ”space between“ where you are and where you want to go (Karen Lynch)
  • Celebrating Complexity The connection between creativity and tolerating complexity (Katie Tagye, Dan Bigonesse)
  • Chakras and Creativity Aligning your energetic centers and your creative self (Zachary Towne-Smith, Jessi Luna)
  • Collaborative Listening Multiply your ability to solve problems (Ian Poinsenet, Emad Jelouali)
  • Connected Nature Can biomimicry and digital tech find happiness together? (Ginny Santos, Alexandre Eisenchteter)
  • Creative Leadership Vision, alignment, and execution (Tim Switalski, Laura Switalski)
  • Discover PREZI A great tool for presenting interconnected ideas (Carole Rudzinski)
  • Failure Wake It’s a wake, wear mourning! (Janeen Halliwell, Jennifer Keilty-Friesen)
  • Family Dreaming Get to know your family through their dreams (Nathalie Doré, Michel Delage)
  • Fantastic Voyage Travel old ways to new solutions (Co Doesburg)
  • FOMO to JOMO Trust your creativity through fear, uncertainty, and loss (Karen BK Chan)
  • Gift of Courageous Feedback How to navigate tough conversations for win-win outcomes (Deborah Jann)
  • Going Wireless Experimenting with wireless connections (Guilherme Sarkis)
  • Hello 2046 Me A coffee date with your future self (Ginny Santos)
  • ImageStreaming Work directly with the most intelligent part of your brain
  • Innovating the NGO Creative thinking for large social purposes (Yoel Kluk)
  • (IoT)* Understanding the Internet of Things (James McAnanama)
  • Mental Time Travel Tap into your past creative genius to fuel future potential (Jay Aquilanti)
  • Metaphor and Creativity A powerful encounter (René Bernèche)
  • Of Law Dogs and Leaders An alternative decision-making process for the ages (Nicole Dobinson)
  • Raising Adults How to get creative about about raising a creative generation (Ismet Mamnoon)
  • Space-Making Imaginatively creating space in your images (Mary Ellyn Vicksta)
  • The Possible Dream Sequence 1 – Garden of Totems (Clara Kluk, Sylvain Rouillard)
  • The Thinkubator A space to create (Terri Segal, Ian Rosenfeldt)
  • Tracking Wonder The surprising path to Beginner’s Mind (Jeffrey Davis)
  • U Lead Tango as a creative leadership tool (Manuel Soto, Nicole Dobinson)
  • Undoing the Splits Exploring the spaces between inner and outer life (Alina Isaac)
  • Wake Up Singing Yoruba songs for early risers (Toto Berriel, Mario Allende)
  • What Hill? Beyond the bucket list (Stanley Young)
  • (What If)* *Honing the POWER of your imagination (Bill Brooks)