A Hearty “Yes!”

Mindcamp Random

by Joe Miguez

For many years I have installed a LAB on the Mindcamp site with the help of volunteers. It has been, and always is, a work of art. It stands by itself night and day awaiting the footprints of all seeking a better understanding grounded in clarity and centerness. Like a windtunnel, it tests resistance to one’s Life Purpose, asking what needs to be discarded, what needs to be continued, and what needs to be added. I never do hear ALL the stories of the importance of the footprints of one’s Life Purpose, although some are told to me years later.

I invite all to take the time to take the long walk in a short space while at Mindcamp and reflect how you can take it back home.

So why do I believe in this? For me, the LAB links idea with reality by connecting us with an inherent feedback system of interlocking relationships. This system sustains a constant communication in bringing about the idea into reality.

Sounds a bit academic, yes? Put it this way. The BIG QUESTION is, to quote Joseph Campbell, “Are you going to be able to say a hearty YES! to your adventure?”  Only you can answer that…

Looking forward to meeting you at Mindcamp.

Joe Miguez designs, builds and facilitates the Mindcamp Labyrinth.