Geneva Park in Summer — WOW!

Mindcamp Random

by Tim Hurson

Last Friday, we made a scouting trip to Geneva Park to confirm a few arrangements such as which function rooms we’ll use, how the bar will work, where we’ll have our fire pits, the location of the Labyrinth and so on.


The team has visited Geneva Park several times over the past year — but never in summer. We were blown away.

One of the first things we saw on entering the park was the sparkling water of the lake. Resort guests were paddling canoes or kayaks, or wind surfing. In a few weeks those people can be you. All water sports are free on a first-come, basis. And if you’ve always wanted to try out windsurfing, you can even get lessons at no cost.

The campus sits on broad stretches of shaded grass with dozens and dozens of Muskoka chairs (they call ’em Adirondack chairs down south of the border) for schmoozing or snoozing.

There’s a perfect spot for the Labyrinth, on a gently rolling lawn just off the lake, surrounded by trees.

The various rooms for our sessions are great — beautifully equipped for just about any kind of program Most have wonderful views of trees and sky and lake (presenters beware, your material will have competition!). There are also lovely spots for those who may want their sessions outdoors.

The resort guests we saw over the weekend were obviously in heaven. There was a kind of slow sweetness about the place. Over by the swimming area it looked a little like Seurat’s La Grande Jatte, only with sun block in place of sun brollies, and a lot skimpier bathing suits.

And yet despite the quiet calm, underneath it all was a real energy. Something is happening up there, for sure. Something that Michael Jones will be exploring in his session on The Soul of Place.

Anyway, we were buzzing on the way back to the city. Pumped about the experience we’ll all be having. I think we’re really going to be turning a new page with Mindcamp X.

Can’t wait!

Tim Hurson presents Leadershift: To change what you see, change where you stand at Mindcamp 2012.