A Whole Lot of Pictures Goin’ On…


As you already know, alert blog reader that you are, Mindcamp Visual Recorder Alan Black took a great many pictures of Mindcamp X… in fact he succeeded in photographing every session. For a look at the result, beautifully sorted, click here.

In addition to that, of course, others are coming forward with pictures to share.

Sandra Hantziagelis has once again sent a link to her beautiful Picasa album of favourites.

Joe Miguez sent a photo essay of the building, use, and dissolution of the Mindcamp Labyrinth, viewable here.

Russell Thomas uploaded a lot of beautiful shots to Flickr as well, click here to enjoy them.

Got more Mindcamp memories you’d like to share? Send a few in, or send a link, and we can connect them to the Flickr photostream. Or simply upload them to Flickr and tag them “MindcampX”.

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  1. Fantastic frozen moments of our amazing time at Mindcamp… thank you all for taking the time to capture and now release!!!

  2. Thanks for capturing so many delicious moments! Wish I could have been at every session and each moment… Loved meeting, greeting, learning and laughing with each of you. Til we meet again!

  3. Wow! took me some time to go through them all and I am left with the feeling of being there again. Thank you for you capturing and recreating those moments such to make a difference and remind of us the connections and ideas we take away with joy! Thank you greatly

  4. Alan you were everywhere at Mindcamp! I’m still not sure you are just one person. Thanks for a job very well done and for all of your work not only during Mincamp but also in getting these to us.

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