Lessons from Joe

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howey_camMindcamper Cam Howey writes about how the lessons he learns in Joe Miguez’ sessions have lived on, year after year.

I’ve done Joe’s formal Labyrinth workshop twice, and always try to help with set-up and teardown. Great fun three years ago hunting rocks with Lisa and the golf cart (neither of us had driven one before). There is something about helping others that is good for us. When I think of my experiences of greatest joy and happiness, it’s often helping others, either formally or informally.

For many years — maybe 10 — I’ve had one or another of Joe’s Labyrinth gifts at my desk. In 2005 Joe gave those on the set up team a piece of a special reed, that was by my desk for years. After multiple moves, I’m not sure where it is today.

Desk CrayonsThese crayons come from Joe’s Mountain 10 workshop, we drew pictures (future dreams I believe). Kindly, Joe let us all keep the crayons, they joined my desk, and I’ve managed not to lose them with the moves (Stelco, Retiree, Hatch, Teck Coal).

Settling in here in Calgary, perhaps started a new Mother’s Day tradition. We paddled 2.5 hours from my son’s place in Bowness (Western Calgary – river is 15 min walking from his place), to our place in Inglewood – just East of downtown. We’re really lucky – the river might be 5 minutes, perhaps 4 from our apartment (Calgary prices are crazy!).

Here are some pics from my morning walk, 15 minutes along the Bow river pathway, 15 minutes along 9th Ave, much, much more relaxing then the 403 & QEW!

After attending Mindcamp every year for many years, Cam moved to Calgary and has not made it back yet… be we’re working on it!

Joe Miguez presents Where Two Worlds Collide: A crash course and the Mindcamp Labyrinth at Mindcamp 2013.