Challenge: Playing With Boxes

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by Olwen Wolfe, illustrations by Sid Marquez

Here’s a challenge from Paris: PLAY WITH THE BOX!

Each of the characters has a favorite box. Hint: some ideate by diverging out of the box, some within, some on the edges. Match up the boxes and the people (e.g., A1, B2, etc.), whether you intend to come to the session or not! But of course, at the session we’ll discover the best matches, and why, and much, much more. [Oops, no we won’t… the session has been cancelled 🙁 although Olwen and Georges are still coming to Mindcamp 🙂 ]

First comment with the correct matches wins a prize… from Paris of course!

Here are the characters (click to enlarge):

And here are the ideation styles (click to enlarge):

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  1. There’s the ‘set-up’ answer and the one that is open to question. I’ll go for the latter: [answer redacted to keep the fun going]

  2. OH! I’m so intrigued! I see so many possibilities that I’m having a real hard time making any decisions.
    My first guess is for 1A (because even though it seems like 1 is moving forward, he is really sticking to the same shape and so I think he likes the box that seems re-sizable.
    3D (although, it’s almost too obvious so maybe I’m wrong)
    4B (cause the B box seems to be one you can stretch and re-shape)
    2C (my assumption is that he sees the box as an obstacle to moving forward)

    1. This time I’m leaving the answers in, but I’m afraid only two are correct: you’re batting the same as the other three guessers (although with different answers). Love hearing about your thought process!

  3. I suspect there is something you are not telling us? – for example are all four letters and numbers used in the solution?
    We’ve seen the obvious, and I’ve tried the stupid and we get the same score.

    1. No tricks! All letters and all numbers are used. Here are some more clues:

      Joy, Alan, and Ginny made identical guesses. Two of these guesses were wrong.

      You also got two wrong, but only one one of these was the same mistake the others made. The other was your very own.

      Since they know their guess but not yours, to level the field, I will repeat both guesses here:
      – you guessed 1D,2A,3C,4B
      – Joy, Alan, and Ginny guessed 1A,2C,3D,4B

  4. How about A2 B4 C1 D3 ?
    If this is correct then there must be some cunning hidden design to the puzzle because I used the results of the last posting to figure it out, and didn’t need to look at the images which are quite ambiguous. Come on Olwen give us a “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment.



  5. Bravo Kevin!
    You figured it out! No cunning to the puzzle, but an underlying logic in the matches between the boxes and the characters, based on Jungian psychology. Its all about the perception functions that are at play in the diverging process. I’ll say a lot more at Mindcamp. And bring you a gift from Paris, of course. It is good to know who the gift goes to!
    Thanks for playing. Once again, perseverance pays off!

  6. Hi Olwen,
    I couldn’t have done it without knowing the earlier wrong answers so there’s a useful illustration of Tom Watsons’
    “If you want to double your success rate, you first have to double your failure rate!” However its also an example of Reason trumping Creativity because with the information supplied you didn’t need to look at the images.Alas I’m not able to attend MC as I’m working elsewhere. I’m sure you will stimulate a lot of conversation with these ideas at MC.

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