Get the Yolk?

Mindcamp Random

by Tzabia Siegel

egg_raw_egg_yolkWhat do egg yolks have to do with creativity?

Well, it’s the ‘choline’ of course. Choline is ‘the main man’ in the formation of acetylcholine — a brain chemical that ensures that our brain functions with clear and rapid thoughts and oodles of innovation.

Biochemistry isn’t where most people go when they think of being creative, but without the most basic nutrients, your brain won’t live up to its Einsteinian or Picassoan capacity. So in come egg yolks, the most abundant source of choline in our food world.

Wondering about how to reconcile the need for choline in egg yolks with the challenges of cholesterol? Come to my session on Optimal Nutrition for the Creative Brain to discover this and other death-defying food facts.

siegel_tzaTzabia presents Optimal Nutrition for the Creative Brain as well as Moving Space at Mindcamp 2013.