Our Volunteers Are Just Bananas

They hang around in bunches. They provide several essential elements to the nutritional brain food of Mindcamp. And they look fantastic in yellow. And here they are: the amazing people who are volunteering this year at Mindcamp.

  • Toronto, ON
    Branwen Hurson
  • Toronto, ON
    Olga Petrik
  • Mississauga, ON
    Ashley DaSilva
  • Attica, NY
    Sean Petrinec
  • Vancouver, BC
    Alvina Quek
  • Buffalo, NY
    Emily White
  • Toronto, ON
    Cody Nairn
  • Buffalo, NY
    Latise Hairston
  • Adirondack Mountains, NY
    Jake Kent
  • Kissimmee, FL
    Diana Fadal

…And here are the Chiquitas

Chiquitas are the Volunteers that make our Youth Program delicious and sweet!

  • Toronto, ON
    Franca Leeson
  • Santiago, Chile
    Mariana Muñoz
  • Buffalo, NY
    RJ Rebmann
  • Toronto, ON
    Matthew Rivers-Moore

…And here are the Fairies

Months of planning, thousands of emails, hours of meetings, and they did it all for a free T-shirt.

  • Kristen Peterson
  • Tim Hurson
  • John Sedgwick
  • Samantha Hurwitz
  • Toronto, ON
    Ginny Santos
  • Orlando, FL
    Gert Garman
  • Nicole Dobinson
  • Rodrigo Sánchez Picazo
  • Toronto, ON
    Vareia Boxill

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