Getting Here

Plan to arrive at Mindcamp before 5:00pm

Plan to leave Mindcamp after 2:00pm Sunday

YMCA Geneva Park Conference Centre is 138km (86 miles) north of Toronto Pearson International Airport. Orillia is the nearest town of any size, 16 kilometers away by car.

The address (for GPS) is 6604 Rama Road, Orillia, Ontario.
Here is advice and directions for the various ways to get to Mindcamp. Click on them to make the details appear (or go away).

It’s a two-hour drive: under two hours if you’re coming from the airport (and it’s easy to rent a car from there), and just over if you’re coming from downtown. Click here for a printable PDF of directions from Toronto.

IMPORTANT: Your flight should arrive no later than 3:00pm on the first day of Mindcamp. Your flight should leave no earlier than 6:00pm on Sunday.

YYZ Toronto Pearson International Airport is our main portal to the world, the airport most convenient to Geneva Park.

YTZ Billy Bishop Airport (informally known as “The Island Airport” as it’s on a small island in Lake Ontario near the city centre), is good if you want to spend time downtown, but it’s not as close and you will likely have to find your way up to Pearson Airport to get a shuttle. If you are NOT planning to spend a few days downtown, flying into Toronto Pearson Airport makes more sense.

If you’re flying in, you need to give yourself time to travel from the airport to Geneva Park: a 90-minute drive, and add to that the time taken to collect baggage, pass through Customs and Immigration, picking up a rental car or connecting with the shuttle, and of course the ever-present possibility of flight delays.

We recommend using Simcoe County Airport Service to book transport from the airport to Mindcamp. They are familiar with Geneva Park and the cost will be $110 one way if you’re going alone. You should book well in advance.

If you know someone else flying in at about the same time as you, book together to save money! If two book together the cost goes down as follows:
1 person = $110
2 people = $147 ($73.50 each)
3 people = $177 ($59.00 each)
4 people = $213 ($53.25 each)
5 people = $237 ($47.40 each)

You have to book TOGETHER to get these discounts. They won’t discount you if you simply find one another on the shuttle together.

If you are leaving for Pearson Airport on Sunday afternoon, DON’T book with Simcoe County Airport Service for the return trip just yet. We are going to create groups of 8 or 9 (we hope) to share shuttles back; you will have a chance to get on that list while you’re at Mindcamp.

Do you have a car? If not, consider borrowing one. But if you don’t have a car and cannot catch a ride, you can book a shuttle from Pearson Airport through Simcoe County Airport Service. Then get yourself to Pearson Airport to catch it.
For the return trip on Sunday, we will do our best to ridematch so that everyone gets a lift downtown (and shares in the gas costs!). Alternatively, you can get one of the shuttles to the airport (see above) and then take public transport from there.