What’s Included

  • Accommodation and meals from Wednesday August 23 to Sunday August 27
  • All programs: as many sessions as you want to attend plus available YMCA activities (e.g., kayak, canoeing, windsurfing)
  • 13% sales tax (HST)
    (we are sure that whatever the government does with this extra dough will be spectacularly beneficial to everyone)

Add Sunday Night

If you’d like to stay an extra night at Geneva Park (Sunday night, after Mindcamp), we’ve arranged a limited number of rooms (plus meals). Several of your Mindcamp co-campers are taking advantage of this for some chill time. Follow the registration link below to add that option.

amiliaReady to Register? Meet Amilia!

You are about to travel to the Mindcamp store, run by Amilia, a company that provides web-based customer relations and event management software tailored to summer camps and the like.

When you register, you will be prompted to create an account with Amilia (unless you already have one) with Amilia so that you can safely give them your information (including payment). There will be a bunch of questions and forms and stuff but fear not, the information you give them can be re-used in Mindcamps to come.

OK ready? Click on the Rainbow Unicorn to begin.